Acrylic I Seamless Acrylic Shutter

Creating a seamless look in your kitchen is now possible with the exclusive Sleek Acrylic shutters. Designed by merging the edges with the surface, Acrylic shutters bring out the elegance of your kitchen. A specialised machine is used to ensure dust doesn't settle on the edges. This ensures there's no visibility of the edge line, enhancing the overall appeal of your kitchen. Acrylic shutters can resist the effects of severe weather conditions, thus standing the test oftime. It is available in 95 units of gloss along with solid, metallic, wooden and 4SEB finishes. Finish: In 4SEB style and in Seamless Style. Colours in Solid, Metallic and Wooden. Note: Two side coloured PANEL & FULLY COLOURED CABINET NOT POSSIBLE. Only available in Ply. Glass shutter in Acrylic is not possible.

Finishes and Colors

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